Allier's 3rd constituency

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3rd constituency of Allier
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French National Assembly
  Jean Mallot
Department Allier
Canton Bourbon-l'Archambault, Cérilly, Chantelle, Ebreuil, Gannat, Hérisson, Lurcy-Lévis, Le Montet, Montmarault, Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule, Souvigny, Varennes-sur-Allier

The 3rd constituency of Allier is a French legislative constituency in the Allier département.

Members elected[edit]

Election Member Party
1958 Pierre Villon French Communist Party
1962 Charles Magne French Section of the Workers' International
1967 Pierre Villon French Communist Party
1978 André Lajoinie
1986 Proportional representation - no election by constituency
1988 André Lajoinie French Communist Party
1993 Bernard Coulon Union for French Democracy
1997 André Lajoinie French Communist Party
2002 Yves Simon Union for a Popular Movement
2007 Jean Mallot Socialist Party
2012 Gérard Charasse Radical Party of the Left

Election results[edit]


Legislative Election 2007: Allier 3rd - 2nd round
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PS Jean Mallot 23,559 50.79
UMP Yves Simon 22,822 49.21
Turnout 46,381 67.91
PS gain from UMP Swing


Note that major boundary changes in 2011 (Allier was reduced from 4 constituencies down to 3) meant that the new 3rd constituency was substantially the successor to the pre-2011 4th constituency.

Legislative Election 2012: Allier 3rd - 2nd round
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Left Radical Gérard Charasse 26,301 57.37
UMP Claude Malhuret 19,543 42.63
Turnout 45,844 59.99
Left Radical hold Swing