Allison Cameron (composer)

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Allison Cameron
Born 1963
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Genres Contemporary classical, free improvisation, experimental
Occupation(s) Composer, musician
Instruments Keyboards, ukulele, banjo
Labels Spool

Allison Cameron (born 1963 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian composer of contemporary classical music. She is also a performer of free improvisation and experimental music.

She has studied at the University of Victoria and York University. She has worked with Louis Andriessen, Gilius van Bergeijk, Per Nørgård, and Frederic Rzewski in Europe, and Rudolf Komorous, Michael Longton, and James Tenney in Canada.

She composes works for conventional classical instruments, early music instruments, and modern electric instruments such as the electric guitar. Her music has been performed at the Bang on a Can Festival and she has been commissioned by the Bang on a Can All-Stars. Recordings of her music have been released by the CRI and XI (Experimental Intermedia) labels.

She has lived in Toronto since 1989.


  • 1992 - Bang on a Can Live. Vol. 1. CD. Emergency Music series. New York, New York: CRI. (Contains Two Bits by Allison Cameron.)
  • 1995 - Raw Sangudo. CD. Experimental Intermedia.
  • 2002 - Ornaments. CD. Spool.
  • 2010 - the Allison Cameron Band. CD. Rat-Drifting.

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