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Allison Cameron
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
GenresContemporary classical, free improvisation, experimental
Occupation(s)Composer, musician
InstrumentsKeyboards, ukulele, banjo

Allison Cameron (born 1963) is a Canadian composer of contemporary classical music. She composes works for conventional classical instruments, early music instruments, and modern electric instruments such as the electric guitar. She is also a performer of free improvisation and experimental music.

Early life and education[edit]

Cameron was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and moved with her family to North Vancouver.[1] She studied at the University of Victoria and York University. She has cited Michael Longton and Rudolf Komorous as significant influences.[2]


Cameron moved to TToronto in 1989. She founded a six-piece chamber ensemble, Arcana, in 1992 in Toronto, which performs a contemporary composition repertoire.[2] In 1995 she released a CD of chamber music, Raw Sangudo.[3]

Cameron's 1998 composition, "Retablo", was commissioned through the Canada Council for the Arts to be played by the classical music quartet The Burdocks.[4] Her 2000 release, Ornaments, features her compositions performed by violinist Marc Sabat, pianoist Stephen Clarke, and clarinetist Ronda Rindone.[5]

Cameron has worked with Louis Andriessen, Gilius van Bergeijk, Per Nørgård, and Frederic Rzewski in Europe, and Rudolf Komorous, Michael Longton, and James Tenney in Canada. She was a member of the Drystone Orchestra, along with Martin Arnold, Stephen Parkinson, John Abram.[2]

Her music has been performed at the Bang on a Can Festival and she has been commissioned by the Bang on a Can All-Stars. Recordings of her music have been released by the CRI and XI (Experimental Intermedia) labels. In 2004 she was music director of the contemporary ensemble Arraymusic.[6]

In 2013, the Allison Cameron Band (Cameron, Eric Chenaux and Stephen Parkinson), released an album, Bent Spoon Duo, Without and With Allison Cameron through the Rad Drifting label.[7]


  • 1992 - Bang on a Can Live. Vol. 1. CD. Emergency Music series. New York, New York: CRI. (Contains Two Bits by Allison Cameron.)
  • 1995 - Raw Sangudo. CD. Experimental Intermedia.
  • 2002 - Ornaments. CD. Spool.
  • 2010 - the Allison Cameron Band. CD. Rat-Drifting.


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