Allison Road

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This article is about the Gin Blossoms' single. For the cancelled video game, see Allison Road (video game).
"Allison Road"
Allison Road.jpg
Single by Gin Blossoms
from the album New Miserable Experience
Released 1994
Format Cassette tape
Genre Power pop[1]
Label Fontana, A&M
Writer(s) Robin Wilson
Gin Blossoms singles chronology
"Found Out About You"
"Allison Road"
"Til I Hear It from You"
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"Allison Road" is a single from the Gin Blossoms.


In 1989, Robin Wilson passed by a sign on his way to El Paso that read "Next Exit Allison Road." The friend with whom he was riding had a sister named Allison, and so they stopped to take a picture. Five months later, Wilson had the picture and was bored. In a Billboard interview from 1994, he recalled:

I walked to the other room, sat down in front of the television and turned on CNN. And the moment the TV turned on I heard that little melody in my head; 'On Allison Road.' And I was like, 'Shit!' So I turned off the TV, climbed over the couch and went back in my bedroom and the song was pretty much done 20 minutes later.[2]

The exit sign for Allison Road is located on I-10 in Roosevelt, Texas.


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