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Allison Winn Scotch (born June 12, 1973) is a New York Times bestselling American author, best known for her novels The Theory of Opposites (2012), Time of My Life (2008), and The Department of Lost and Found (2007).[1] She is also a magazine contributor and has written for, among others, Cooking Light,[2] Fitness,[3] InStyle Weddings, Men's Health,[4] Prevention,[5] Redbook, Self, Shape, and Women's Health.[6] At present, she contributes celebrity interviews and profiles to American Way.[7] Time of My Life is currently under development at The Weinstein Company, with Meryl Poster producing.[8] Scotch ran a writing blog, Ask Allison, to which aspiring writers asked questions about the publishing industry. She discontinued the blog in 2012.[9] She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family and dogs.




In May 2008, The Weinstein Company optioned rights to Time of My Life, with Meryl Poster producing. In August 2009, they announced Nicole Eastman (The Ugly Truth) as the screenwriter.[10] The option was repurchased by TWC in February, 2010.

In December 2013, Theory of Opposites was optioned by Jennifer Garner's production company, Vandalia Films.


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