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Allister Brimble
Brimble in 2015
Brimble in 2015
Background information
GenresElectronic, soundtrack
Years active1987–present

Allister Brimble is a British video game composer. He began composing music and sound effects for the video game industry in the mid-1980s. He also produced various audio tracks, as "Brimble's Beats", that were distributed on cover disks of magazines including CU Amiga and Amiga Format.

Brimble works as a freelance musician and sound designer for the games and console industry, and used to work alongside colleague Anthony Putson at the now defunct Orchestral Media Developments.[1] He wrote the theme tune for an indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi.[2] Brimble's extensive experience in alternative formats allowed him to compose for many gaming platforms.

Notable works[edit]


In 2013, Brimble released a compilation, The Amiga Works (classic Amiga tunes),[4] along with a remaster of his previous album Sounds Digital,[5] and many other including The Spectrum Works,[6] which includes some remasters of tunes from other artists.


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