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Allociné logo.jpg
Web address
Type of site
Available in French
Owner Tiger Global
Created by Jean-David Blanc & Patrick Holzman[1]
Launched 1993
Alexa rank
805 (France: 28) [1]
Current status Active

AlloCiné is a service organization which provides information on French cinema, especially centering on novelties' promotion with DVD, Blu-ray and VOD information. The enterprise was founded as telephonic communicator, and subsequently became an internet portal site, which offers sufficient information by fast access and covers all movies that have been distributed in France. In 2005, it began covering television series.

AlloCiné launched in 1993, before being purchased by Canal+ in 2000 and Vivendi Universal in 2002. Since June 2007, it has been under the ownership of Tiger Global, an American investment fund. The corporate headquarters is located in Paris (Champs-Élysées).


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