Allo Mahar

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Allo Mahar
Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Sialkot
District Sialkot District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Allo Mahar Sharif is a village and union council of Daska Tehsil, Sialkot District in Punjab, Pakistan.[1] The village is located at 32°23'60N 74°25'0E[2] and lies located 8 km to the west of Daska and 15 km southwest of the district capital – Sialkot. It contains the shrines of many Nakshbandi saints and preachers. It is famous as it is the birthplace of prominent Islamic Naqshbandi saint Pir Syed Muhammad Channan Shah Nuri who started the religious lineage (silsila) known as Maharvi (from the name of the village).


Coordinates: 32°24′0″N 74°25′0″E / 32.40000°N 74.41667°E / 32.40000; 74.41667