Allocasuarina distyla

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Allocasurina distyla
Allocasuarina distyla Ku-ring-gai Chase.JPG
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Australia
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Fagales
Family: Casuarinaceae
Genus: Allocasuarina
Species: A. distyla
Binomial name
Allocasuarina distyla
(Vent.) L.A.S.Johnson

Allocasuarina distyla, commonly known as scrub she-oak, is a shrub or small tree of the She-oak family Casuarinaceae endemic to New South Wales.

The shrub or small tree will typically grow to a height of 4 metres (13 ft) tall and is found in coastal areas of New south Wales and southern Queensland.[1]

The species was first described as Casuarina distyla by the botanist Étienne Pierre Ventenat in 1802 in the Description des Plantes Nouvelles et peu connues, cultivees dans le Jardin de J.M. Cels.[2] It was subsequently reclassified into the Allocasuarina genera by Lawrence Alexander Sidney Johnson in 1982 in a revision of the sheoaks, Notes on Casuarinaceae II., published in the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.


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