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Virus classification
Group: Group I (dsDNA)
Order: Herpesvirales
Family: Alloherpesviridae

Alloherpesviridae is a family of viruses within the order Herpesvirales. This family includes the species that infect fish and amphibians. Phylogenetic studies have confirmed the validity of this family and suggest that it may be divided into two clades: one consisting of viruses from cyprinid and anguillid hosts and the other of viruses from ictalurid, salmonid, acipenserid and ranid hosts.[1]


This family was created in 2005.


Several genomes have been sequenced.[2] Cyprinid herpesviruses 1, 2 and 3 (CyHV1, CyHV2 and CyHV3) cause disease in common carp, goldfish and koi respectively. Their genomes are respectively 291144, 290304 and 295146 base pairs in size. The overall organisation common to all three and consists of a unique central region flanked by a direct repeat at each end. 137, 150, and 155 unique, functional protein coding genes are present in the unique regions respectively: of these six, four, and eight respectively are duplicated in the terminal repeat. The genomes share 120 orthologous genes in a largely colinear arrangement. Up to 55 of these latter genes are also conserved in the other member of the genus Cyprinivirus, Anguillid herpesvirus 1. CyHV1, CyHV2, and CyHV3 have five, six and five families of paralogous genes, respectively.


Four genera have been recognised in this family but a number of species remain unclassified. The family appears to be divisible into three families[3] but this probably needs confirmation with additional studies before being generally accepted.

  • Genus Batrachovirus
    • Species
      • Ranid herpesvirus 1 (Lucké tumor herpesvirus) - type species
      • Ranid herpesvirus 2
  • Genus Cyprinivirus
    • Species
      • Anguillid herpesvirus 1
      • Cyprinid herpesvirus 1
      • Cyprinid herpesvirus 2
      • Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (Koi herpes virus)
  • Genus Ictalurivirus
  • Genus Salmonivirus
    • Species
      • Salmonid herpesvirus 1
      • Salmonid herpesvirus 2
      • Salmonid herpesvirus 3
  • Unclassified
    • Ameiurid alloherpesvirus 1
    • Australian pilchard herpesvirus
    • Gadid herpesvirus 1
    • Esocid herpesvirus
    • Percid herpresvirus 1


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