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Allotment may refer to:

  • Allotment (gardening), a small area of land, let out at a nominal yearly rent by local government or independent allotment associations, for individuals to grow their own food
  • Allotment (travel industry), a block of pre-negotiated carrier seats or hotel rooms held by a travel organizer till a certain period
  • Allotment, a small area of land held in trust by the U.S. Government for the benefit of an individual Native American (see Dawes Act, a program of the U.S. Government, beginning in 1887, to break up Indian reservations and allot tribal land to individual Native Americans).
  • Allotment, also known as sortition, a method of selection by some form of lottery such as drawing coloured pebbles from a bag
  • The Allotment, a 1988 book by Colin Ward
  • Allotment, a method by which a company allocates over-subscribed shares - see Subscription (finance)