Alloway Creek (Monocacy River tributary)

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Alloway Creek
Monocacy River watershed
CountryUnited States
StatePennsylvania, Maryland
CountiesAdams, Carroll
Physical characteristics
MouthMonocacy River
 ⁃ coordinates
39°34′N 77°08′E / 39.56°N 77.13°E / 39.56; 77.13Coordinates: 39°34′N 77°08′E / 39.56°N 77.13°E / 39.56; 77.13
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Alloway Creek is a creek tributary of the Monocacy River in Pennsylvania and Maryland in the United States.[citation needed] Via the Monocacy River, it is part of the Potomac River watershed.[1]


The creek rises in Pennsylvania and flows in the northwest corner of Carroll County, Maryland and southeast of Adams County, Pennsylvania. The creek mouths at Palmer and empties into the Monocacy River and Piney Creek.[2]

Starners Dam Bridge[edit]

The Starners Dam Bridge is a steel stringer bridge over the creek on Baptist Road in Taneytown, Carroll County, Maryland. It is also called Alloway Creek Bridge.[3]

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