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Public (-2016) Privately Held Company (2016-?)
FateAcquired by shareholder in 2016. Voluntary Administration in 2017. Purchased by Mobileciti.
FounderBrian Werner
Rhodes, NSW
OwnerMobileciti (2017-present)

Allphones is an Australian telecommunications retailer which specialises in offering a wide range of mobile and broadband related services across a range of carriers.

Allphones was started in 1989 with the first store in Mile End, South Australia.[1] The company franchised a further 14 stores in South Australia before it was sold in 2000 by Brian and Helen Werner.[2] Allphones has stores in every state and territory with over 170 stores nationally.

Their products and services include mobile phones, mobile plans, broadband plans, pre-paid services and mobile phone accessories.

Carrier partnerships[edit]

Boost Mobile[3]
Think Mobile[7]
Vivid Wireless[8] (Western Australia Only)

Globe Telecom[11] (Philippines)


2006–2013 Allphones NSW Surf Life Saving Championships.[12]
Allphones Eclipse Music TV[13] (Produced by Smart Market for Allphones)[14]
Allphones Arena[15]
Team Norton DJR Falcon.[16]

Class action[edit]

In 2008, the ACCC on behalf of 74 Allphones Retail franchisees, launched proceedings against Allphones Retail Pty Ltd and some executives, alleging they were "knowingly concerned in or party to the contravening conduct".[17]

The class action alleges that Allphones:
    • received commission or bonus payments from telecommunication networks which were not paid to franchisees in accordance with their franchise agreements, and which were not disclosed to franchisees
    • received rebates from mobile phone handset and other product suppliers which were not paid to franchisees in accordance with their franchise agreements, and which were not disclosed to franchisees, and
    • made unilateral deductions from commission payments payable to franchisees which were not permitted by their franchise agreements

The case was settled outside of court for 3 million to be shared among 55 franchisees represented in the action.[18]

New brand image[edit]

In May 2011, Allphones changed their image with a new logo, uniforms and store design.[19]

Website hacking[edit]

In March 2012, sensitive information regarding staff and a customer loyalty program were found to be unsecured on the Allphones website.[20][21] The security hole was closed quickly once the company had been notified.

Voluntary Administration[edit]

On 6 February 2017, Allphones appointed PPB Advisory as voluntary administrators[22] after a Canadian owner failed to turn the business around. Only 18 company-owned stores closed to start.[23]

Mobileciti has acquired the business from administration[22] and is working on a new website for the business. The current shell of the website contains and administration notice and advertises the Mobileciti website.[22]


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