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Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Available in English
Owner Meredith Corporation
Launched 1997[1]
Alexa rank
positive decrease 550 (February 2014)[2] is a global social networking service and forum headquartered in Seattle which encourages users to post recipes, comment on and make changes to existing recipes, and search for specific recipes. It also allows users to create recipe blogs, vote on pictures of finished dishes, and receive awards based on their submissions and results. Users become part of the community by reviewing and commenting on other people's food-related content. As of 2010, was the most-visited online community for food and cooking, with over 30 million visitors per month and more than 43,000 available recipes.[3][4]

All users may search and read the site's content, but only logged-in, registered members may post recipes, write blogs, add pictures, or write reviews. Registration is free and provides users with basic functions. A paid "pro membership" is required for users to connect with each other, customize recipes, and access other features.

History[edit] was co-founded by Tim Hunt, Carl Lipo, Mark Madsen, Michael Pfeffer, David Quinn, and Dan Shepherd in 1997. The company began as Emergent Media, developing early web content for MSN and Corbis. The group came up with the idea for based on an idea by Tim Hunt, and tested the concept with website mockups and online surveys. After success with the first site, the team expanded the project and created and dozens of other, more specific recipe sites. Eventually all of these sites were combined to create[3] As the website continued to thrive, the Board of Directors raised additional investment and hired Bill Moore, a Starbucks executive and inventor of the Frappuccino as CEO. Quinn became Chairman and Hunt served as CTO until the company's sale to Reader's Digest.

In early 2006, Reader's Digest Association announced its purchase of for $66 million.[3][5] According to Reader's Digest Association's President/CEO Eric Schrier, the company's purchase of was to "provide [Reader's Digest] with a valuable digital platform to further leverage [its] position as the country's leading food and cooking publisher".[3]

Meredith bought in 2012 for $175 million.[6]


The recipes on the website are posted by members of the community. They are categorized by season, type of course (such as appetizer or dessert), and ingredients. Search functionality supports requiring and excluding specific ingredients. Other categories include methods (such as grilling or baking), occasions, and cooking style. There is support for finding meal ideas for specific holidays.[7]

Recipes posted on the website include an ingredients list and a yield (which can be altered by the user, causing the site to automatically recalculate ingredient amounts, such as when doubling or halfing a recipe).

Nutritional information similar to a nutrition facts label is provided for each recipe by Esha Research. Information provided includes servings per recipe, amount per serving of calories, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and protein.

Functions[edit] also provides the following.

  • Users can plan a week's meals with the Menu Planner.
  • Users can choose a pre-set menu each week based on themes such as "comfort food classics," "dinners in an hour or less," and "globetrotting, vegetarian style." These menus are created by the staff and can either be viewed on the website or emailed to the user.
  • Users can also browse weekly menus created by other members who have chosen to share their menus with the community.[8]

Other functions include searchable tips and advice videos. Examples of these visual "how-to" articles and videos are "How to Cook Scrambled Eggs"[9] and "How to Make Ice Cream."[10]

All features found on can also be used on the mobile application for iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones.

Community[edit] is an online community, with both free and paid memberships, in which users may either register as a member and contribute to the site or browse recipes without having to enter personal information. has over 30 million visitors per month, more than 8 million registered members, and more than 43,000 available recipes. 64% of the site's visitors are women between the ages of 25 and 55.[11] is available for iPhone,[12] iPad, Windows Phone, and Android[4] users. It also has a mobile website than can easily be accessed by BlackBerry users.'s apps for smartphones allow food and entertaining enthusiasts to access the site and its abundance of user-uploaded content while on the go. It was rated by Alison Sherwood of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as one of her "five favorite food apps."[13] Their popular and free Dinner Spinner app allows users to search recipes and include specifications in their search (such as type of meal, nutrition, key ingredients, and time needed to prepare the dish). With this app, recipes can be saved and easily shared with friends on Twitter and Facebook.[14]

Partnerships[edit] is linked to Rachael Ray's website as well as Reader's Digest's website. They have been owned by the Meredith Corporation since 2012.


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