Allt na Lairige

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Allt na Lairige Reservoir
Allt na Lairige dam - - 489574.jpg
Location Glen Fyne, Scotland
Coordinates 56°19′06″N 4°49′16″W / 56.3184°N 4.8210°W / 56.3184; -4.8210Coordinates: 56°19′06″N 4°49′16″W / 56.3184°N 4.8210°W / 56.3184; -4.8210
Type reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom
Surface area 332,555 m2 (3,579,590 sq ft)
Surface elevation 294 m (965 ft)

National grid reference NN25251745

Allt na Lairige Dam,(Burn of the Pass), is a pre-stressed concrete dam[1] creating an impounding reservoir which serves the Glen Shira Hydroelectric scheme.


Completed in 1957.

The dam was designed by William George Nicholson Geddes, as directed by James Arthur Banks of Babtie, Shaw and Morton of Glasgow.[2] Construction was carried out by Marples Ridgway. It was completed in 1956 and has a height of 22 metres.

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