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Developer(s) Knowledge Base
Stable release
3.6 / 2007
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type CAD
License Proprietary

AllyCAD is a CAD software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting, developed and sold by Knowledge Base.[1] It is used primarily in Southern Africa and the UK[2] in the Civil Engineering sector. AllyCAD is endorsed by the South African Institution of Civil Engineering[citation needed] and the Engineering Council of South Africa[citation needed] and incorporated into the Education Departments Engineering Graphics and Design curriculum across tertiary institutions in South Africa.[citation needed] They share the CAD market in South Africa primarily with AutoCAD and Caddie (CAD system).


AllyCAD was originally developed by Paul Harper and was bought by Vincent Bester in February 1998. Vincent went on to develop The 'Civil Designer' civil engineering infrastructure design suite of software integrating AllyCAD as the central CAD module. Elements of 'Stardust' and 'AllyCAD' were combined to form the Design Centre module, the Survey & Terrain and Roads modules came from Stardust, the Sewer and Storm modules were based on the original programs developed by Vincent. Since then the developer, Knowledge Base has further developed the Civil Designer suite of software and develops and distributes AllyCAD as a stand-alone CAD software package.


The current version is AllyCAD 8.0. There are four price versions of AllyCAD available. All four have complete functionality but the drawing size is restricted in the low-cost versions. The entry level version (HOME edition) can be downloaded at The full version, AllyCAD PRO, has no restrictions.

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