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Spanish: Almadén
Almaden Valley
Spanish: Valle de Almadén
Almaden Lake Park.
Almaden Lake Park.
Almaden is located in San Jose, California
Location within San Jose and Silicon Valley
Coordinates: 37°13′17″N 121°51′44″W / 37.2214°N 121.8622°W / 37.2214; -121.8622
CountryUnited States
CountySanta Clara
CitySan Jose
Zip Code

Almaden Valley (Spanish: Valle de Almadén),[1] commonly known simply as Almaden (Spanish: Almadén),[2] is a valley and neighborhood of San Jose, California, located in South San Jose.[3][4] It is nestled between the Santa Teresa Hills to the east and the Santa Cruz Mountains to the west.


The historic Old Almaden Winery was founded in 1852.
Almaden Lake Park.

It is named after the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines, which were named after the mercury mine in (old) Almadén, Spain, and produced mercury that was used to process ore during the Gold Rush.[5]

Like its Spanish namesake, California's Almaden had a number of quicksilver mines. The mercury was used during gold extraction in the California Gold Rush, but the mines were closed in 1975 and have been converted into Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Despite the closure of the mines, there still remains a high mercury content in the nearby soil, creeks and rivers, and signs are posted alongside them warning people not to eat the fish. Many of the names in Almaden retain their mercury mine themes. For example, there are streets called Silver Lode Lane and Silver Mine Drive (the latter of which was renamed). Also, many places in Almaden still use the name Quicksilver.

In December 1959, the Regents of the University of California selected Almaden Valley to be the site of the next campus of the University of California system.[6] Unfortunately, news of this decision caused property values in the area to increase so rapidly that the Regents could no longer afford to buy the needed land.[6] After another year of study, the Regents selected another site much farther south, which opened in 1965 as the University of California, Santa Cruz.[6]


The neighborhood is south east of the town of Los Gatos, west of the Santa Teresa neighborhood of San Jose and south of Blossom Hill Rd. The informal borders are generally Coleman Rd. at the northern end, McKean Rd. at the southern end, where the valley becomes mostly rural, and the town of Los Gatos to the west. The valley is located between the Santa Teresa Hills and the Santa Cruz Mountains, with Mount Umunhum to the west dominating the local geography.


As part of the Silicon Valley, the main industry in the neighborhood is now high technology research and development; IBM Almaden Research Center is located there.[7]


U.S. Marines at Almaden Lake.
View of Mount Umunhum from Parma Park, Almaden Valley
Almaden Lake Park.

The neighborhoods consist of primarily upper-middle-class families, with homes owned by local professionals, scientists, professional athletes, and Silicon Valley executives. According to a 2011 estimate, the median income for a household in Almaden was $148,801 and the median income for a family was $182,981. The cost of a home in the neighborhood is generally in the $1 million-plus range.[8]

Almaden Public Library, a part of the San José Public Library


Schools in the area include:

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Guadalupe reservoir at Almaden Quicksilver County Park, 2009

One of the key attractions of the Almaden Valley is the abundance of nature trails and public recreational sites.


VTA light rail:


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Coordinates: 37°13′17″N 121°51′44″W / 37.2214°N 121.8622°W / 37.2214; -121.8622