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This article is about Israeli Arab weekly. For Saudi daily newspaper published in Jeddah, see Al Madina (newspaper).
Almadina logo small.PNG
Almadina cover
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Rana Asali
Founder(s) Rana Asali
Founded 2004
Language Arabic
Headquarters Haifa, Israel
Circulation 27,000

Almadina (Arabic: المدينة‎) is an Israeli-Arabic local newspaper, printed weekly in tabloid format, published and distributed for free in Israel in two editions:

  • The northern edition, published in Haifa, distributed in the north of Israel in 15,000 copies since 2004. Its editor-in-chief is Firas Khatib.[1] Until 2006, the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief was Ala Hlehel, Arab-Israeli writer, two-times winner of the[2] Al Qattan Foundation Literature Awards.
  • The central edition, published in Tel Aviv Jaffa, with 12,000 copies distributed throughout central Israel since 2006. Its Editor-in-Chief is Ghaleb Kiwan, who is also the news reporter for Arabic-language broadcast on the Israeli cable provider HOT[3]

Sections in Almadina include news, local news, in depth stories, health, sports, entertainment, openion, arts and culture.


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