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Almajd TV Network
شبكة المجد.png
Language Arabic
Numericable (France) Channel 639 (Holy Quran)

The Almajd TV Network (شبكة المجد الفضائية) is a group of general and specialized satellite television channels which includes four free-to-air channels and ten encrypted channels. The group has a strong Salafi Islamist orientation and is owned by Saudi businessman Fahad Abdulrahman Alshimeimri, with other partners.

Broadcasting and production is done in Dubai, Riyadh and Cairo. Offices are in Amman, Rabat, Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut, in addition to tens of productive companies.

There is live SMS chat on screen for some channels.

Free-to-air channels[edit]

  • Main General: channel 1
  • Holy Qur'an: channel 2
  • Hadeeth: channel 3
  • Ilmiya (religious sciences): channel 4
  • Radio Dal for children (live SMS chat on the channel round the clock): channel 8

Encrypted channels[edit]

  • Khidmatul Akhbar (news service): channel 5
  • Al Wasaqia (first Arabic language documentary channel): channel 6
  • Al Tabiya (second documentary channel): channel 7
  • Almajd (kids' channel): channel 9
  • Basma (cartoons for kids): channel 10
  • Rawdah (for teaching children letters and numbers): channel 11
  • Tagareed (Islamic music; nashed): channel 12
  • Massah (programs and dramas for the young): channel 13


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