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Almathera Systems Ltd was a British company that specialised in developing software for Amigas. The firm was in business between 1992 and 1997,[1] developing CD-ROM based software for the CDTV and Amiga CD32, along with multimedia software for Amiga computers. Almathera developed the initial releases of Photogenics, a 24-bit paint program for the Amiga. The company was based in Mitcham, England.


  • CDPD - A Public Domain collection
  • CDPD 2/3/4
  • The Demo CD - 660Mb of Amiga scene demos
  • 17-Bit Collection - Public Domain library put onto two CDs (and two further updates)
  • Video Creator - CD32 multimedia software aimed for making music videos
  • Photogenics 2 - A CD-based version of Photogenics paint software. Released 1996
  • A-Plug In Collection - Various Photoshop filters (for the PC). It was the first and last non-Amiga release from Almathera. This piece of software is available for free download from Mysterious Ways.
  • Emerald Mines - CD32 version of the classic Amiga game.