Almaty Central Stadium

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Central Stadium (Almaty)
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Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Coordinates 43°14′17.99″N 76°55′27.66″E / 43.2383306°N 76.9243500°E / 43.2383306; 76.9243500Coordinates: 43°14′17.99″N 76°55′27.66″E / 43.2383306°N 76.9243500°E / 43.2383306; 76.9243500
Owner Municipality of Almaty
Capacity 23,804
Field size 105x68
Surface Grass
Built 1958
Opened 1958[1]
Renovated 1997, 2004, 2011
FC Kairat (1957-present)
Kazakhstan national football team
Kazakhstan national rugby union team
2017 Winter Universiade
Canada national bandy team at the reserve field in 2012

The Central Stadium (Kazakh: "Алматы орталық стадионы" or "Орталық стадион"; Ortalik Stadion) is a multi-purpose stadium in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium is shared by FC Kairat Almaty. It also serves as the home stadium for the Kazakhstan national football team.


Almaty Central Stadium was built in 1958. It is a structure, oval in plan, divided into 4 inserts passages podium: the northern, western, southern and eastern. The total capacity of the stands is 23,804 seats. All places of individual seats, mounted on metal parts, provide convenience and form the shape viewer. The minimum height of the back - 38 cm Central stadium's lighting systems equipped (lights) to the possibility of holding events in the evening. Light level of 1400 lux.[2]

The playing field is natural grass, smooth and even, in good condition. Games on the field can be carried out throughout the national season. The field size is 105 m by 68 m

For vehicles in the stadium there are two entrances - from the street. Satpayev and Abay. For the passage of the audience and engaged - 4 inputs with Abay, streets K. Satpaev, A. Baitursynov.

Since it opened it has been the home stadium of Kairat who first played there on 10 April 1960 Playing against Leningrad "Admiralty", a game which finished 0-0.

Almaty was the host of the 2012 Bandy World Championship. The Reserve rink of Central Stadium[3] was built for the tournament. The matches in Group B and C was played there, except for the match for 13th place, which was played at the main Medeu arena.[4][5] Afterwards the installation for making artificial ice was dismantled.[1]


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