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Almdudler is the brand name of a popular Austrian soft drink.

The original Almdudler is a sweetened carbonated beverage made of grape and apple juice concentrates flavoured with herbs. Its flavour is similar to ginger ale or elderflower cordial, but with a somewhat fruitier and more bitter flavour. Almdudler has been called the "national drink of Austria".[citation needed] Its popularity in Austria is second only to Coca Cola. About 80 million litres of the beverage are produced per year.


Almdudler was developed in 1957 by Erwin Klein,[1] who derived the name from the then-common phrase auf der Alm dudeln, which means "singing in the (alpine) meadows". The drink was originally created and marketed as an alternative to alcoholic beverages or as a mixer for alcoholic drinks.

Almdudler is currently sold in traditional, light (sugar-free), "still" (uncarbonated), and g'spritzt (mixed with carbonated mineral water) versions. A Radler variety (mixed with beer), is available as Almradler. In the wine-growing regions of eastern Austria, it is a popular mixer with locally produced white wine.

Marketing and distribution[edit]

Almdudler is exported to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and the United States.

The slogan of the Almdudler advertising campaign, in the Austro-Bavarian dialect, has become a well-known phrase in Austria: Wenn de kan Oimdudla haum, geh' i wieda ham! (Standard German: Wenn die keinen Almdudler haben, gehe ich wieder heim! English: If they don’t have Almdudler, I'll go back home!).


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