Almeirim, Pará

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Flag of Almeirim
Location of Almeirim municipality in Pará
Location of Almeirim municipality in Pará
Coordinates: 01°31′22″S 52°34′55″W / 1.52278°S 52.58194°W / -1.52278; -52.58194Coordinates: 01°31′22″S 52°34′55″W / 1.52278°S 52.58194°W / -1.52278; -52.58194
 • Total72,960.274 km2 (28,170.119 sq mi)
65 m (213 ft)
 • Total31,475
 • Density0.5/km2 (1/sq mi)
HDI (2000)0.745 – medium[2]

Almeirim is a city on the Amazon and the northernmost municipality in the Brazilian state of Pará. It is also the fourth largest municipality in that state and the eighth largest in Brazil (by area). The municipality is crossed by the Equator.

The municipality includes a large part (94.49%) of the 11,518 square kilometres (4,447 sq mi) Maicuru Biological Reserve.[3] It also contains part of the Jari Ecological Station.[4] Serra do Areão Airport located in the district of Monte Dourado 73 km away serves the population residing and working for the Jari project.


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