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Almet Francis Jenks (May 21, 1853 – September 18, 1924) was an American lawyer and politician from New York.


He graduated from Yale University in 1875, where he was a member of Skull and Bones, and earned an Bachelor of Laws from Columbia University in 1877. He was a justice of the New York Supreme Court from 1896 to 1921, and was Presiding Justice (1911–12, 1912–1921) and Justice (1905–11) of the Appellate Division, Second Dept.[1] In 1916, he ran on the Democratic and Independence League tickets for Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals but was defeated by Republican/Progressive Frank H. Hiscock.

His son Almet Francis Jenks, Jr. (1892–1966) was author of The Huntsman at the Gate (1952) and The Second Chance (1959).[2]


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