Almir Pernambuquinho

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Almir Pernambuquinho
Almir Pernambuquinho.jpg
Personal information
Date of birth 28 October 1937
Place of birth Recife, Brazil
Date of death 6 February 1973
Place of death Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Almir Moraes de Albuquerque (Almir Pernambuquinho) (28 October 1937 – 6 February 1973) is a former Brazilian international footballer who played for clubs of Brazil, Argentina and Italy. Almir Pernambuquinho is, by many considered, the inventor of the fute-vôlei. He played for the Brazil national football team in the Copa América Argentina 1959. He was killed in a bar in 1973.[1]


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Vasco da Gama[edit]

Boca Juniors[edit]

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