Almost Like a Whale

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Almost Like a Whale : The Origin of Species Updated
Steve Jones - Almost Like a Whale The Origin of Species Updated.jpeg
Author Steve Jones
Country United Kingdom
Subject Evolution
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date
Pages 402
ISBN 978-0-385-40985-8
OCLC 41420544
576.8 21
LC Class QH367 .J75 1999

Almost like a Whale by Steve Jones is a modern introduction to Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and closely follows its structure. It won the 1999 BP Natural World Book Prize.

An American version was published as Darwin's Ghost: The Origin of Species Updated (ISBN 978-0-375-50103-6).

The title refers to Darwin's observation that a bear, swimming in a lake and catching insects in its mouth, might conceivably evolve over time into a creature "almost like a whale". This statement attracted much ridicule at the time.