Almost Summer

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Almost Summer
Almost summer poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed by Martin Davidson
Produced by Rob Cohen
Written by Judith Berg
Sandra Berg
Martin Davidson
Marc Reid Rubel
Starring Bruno Kirby
Lee Purcell
Music by Ron Altbach
Charles Lloyd
Cinematography Stevan Larner
Edited by Lynzee Klingman
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
September 8, 1978 (1978-09-08)
Running time
88 min
Country United States
Language English

Almost Summer is a 1978 film directed by Martin Davidson, and produced by Motown Productions for Universal Pictures. It is the only Motown theatrical feature not to center on African-American characters. Though not successful at the box office, the film has since acquired a certain degree of historical importance because many observers consider it to be the first of a series of distinctive "youth-genre" films of which other, more prominent examples include Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Breakfast Club.[1][2][3][4]

Set in a generic Southern California high school, the plot of the film revolves around a student council election, which stirs up assorted petty jealousies among various characters. Most of the soundtrack was written by Mike Love of the Beach Boys and performed by a studio band assembled by Love known as Celebration. The title song, which became a mid-level hit single, opens with the lyrics "Susie wants to be a lady director, and Eddie wants to drive a hearse; Johnny wants to be a doctor or lawyer, and Linda wants to be a nurse" — reflecting a total lack of world-changing idealism on the part of the teenage characters, thus clearly marking them as the first wave of a new generation, which in the fullness of time would receive the label "Generation X."

The best-known actor to star in the film was Tim Matheson, in the role of Kevin Hawkins. The film features three professional skateboarders: Bryan Beardsley, Ty Page, and Mark Bowden.

The movie was rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America, but earned a B — "objectionable in part" — rating from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Office for Film and Broadcasting; the latter body observed that "the film presents in uncritical fashion a suffocatingly materialistic and amoral environment, has offensive jokes at the expense of people with physical disabilities, and flaunts a gratuitous bit of nudity."

Outdoor scenes were filmed at Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, California.




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