Almost a Revolution

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Almost a Revolution
Almost a Revolution.jpeg
Author Shen Tong with Marianne Yen
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Houghton Mifflin (U.S. first edition) University of Michigan Press (U.S. second edition)
Publication date
1990 (first edition), 1998 (second edition)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback); also audio book
Pages 344 p. (US paperback second edition)
ISBN ISBN 978-0-472-08557-6 (US paperback second edition)
OCLC 39229792
951.05/8 21
LC Class DS779.32 .S47 1998

Almost a Revolution is an autobiography by the Chinese democracy movement leader Shen Tong, written with former Washington Post writer Marianne Yen.

Tong rose to international fame during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 which ended with the so-called Tiananmen Square Massacre. He was the organizer of the "dialogue delegation", which attempted to arrange negotiations between the students and the government during April and May 1989.

Written and published in 1990 shortly after Tong escaped to the United States from China, the book is primarily an inside account of the student movement from the perspective of a student leader. The prior to those events, the book describes Tong's and his family's life in Beijing from the 1970s through 1989 and Tong's involvement in student activism at Beijing University. The final chapter describes in limited detail Tong's evasion of authorities after the massacre but before his flight to the United States.

Other prominent Beijing student leaders of the 1989 democracy movement featured in the book include Wang Dan, Wuer Kaixi, and Chai Ling.

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