Almus Dam

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Almus Dam
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Almus Dam
Almus Dam is located in Turkey
Almus Dam
Location of Almus Dam in Turkey
Official nameAlmus Dam & Hydroelectricity Station
Coordinates40°24′27″N 36°54′11″E / 40.40750°N 36.90306°E / 40.40750; 36.90306Coordinates: 40°24′27″N 36°54′11″E / 40.40750°N 36.90306°E / 40.40750; 36.90306
Opening date1966
Operator(s)State Hydraulic Works
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsKelkit River
Height78 m (256 ft)
Length454 m (1,490 ft)
CreatesAlmus Reservoir
Total capacity950,000,000 m3 (3.4×1010 cu ft)
Catchment area31 km2 (12 sq mi)
Surface area26,650 acres (108 km2)
Power Station
Turbines3 x 9 MW
Installed capacity27 MW
Annual generation99,000 MWh

The Almus Dam (Almus Barajı in Turkish) is an earthen embankment dam that is near the town of Almus (28 kilometers East of Tokat city in center north of Turkey) and is located on the River Yesilirmak which runs into the Black Sea. The main purposes of the dam is irrigation, flood control and hydroelectricity. The hydroelectric power plant (established in 1966) at the dam has a capacity of 27 megawatts (three facilities at 9 megawatts each). The dam contains 3,405,000 m3 (120,200,000 cu ft) of material and irrigates an area of 21,350 hectares. The dam's spillway is capable of discharging a maximum 2,800 m3/s (98,881 cu ft/s) and its bottom outlet a maximum of 50 m3/s (1,766 cu ft/s).

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