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In Greek mythology, Almus /ˈælməs/ (Ἄλμος) was a son of Sisyphus and brother of Glaucus, Ornytion and Thersander.[1] Most of the available information concerning him is recorded in Pausanias' Description of Greece. According to said author, Almus received a small tract of land in Orchomenus from King Eteocles and dwelt there; a village was believed to have been named Almones (later Olmones) after him.[2] This is also mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium, who refers to Pausanias' work but calls the character Olmus (Ὄλμος) to account for the most recent form of the village's name.[3]

Pausanias also informs that Almus had two daughters, Chryse and Chrysogeneia, who consorted with Ares and Poseidon respectively. Chryse's son with Ares was Phlegyas, who inherited the kingdom of Orchomenus as Eteocles had died childless. Chrysogeneia had by Poseidon a son Chryses, who succeeded Phlegyas as king of Orchomenus, and in his turn became father of Minyas.[4] In another account, the second daughter is named Chrysogone and Minyas is given as her son by Poseidon, and not grandson.[5]


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