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Coordinates: 59°55′42.157″N 10°50′41.87″E / 59.92837694°N 10.8449639°E / 59.92837694; 10.8449639

E6 at Alnabru

Alnabru is a neighbourhood of Oslo. It is located in the middle of the southern part of Groruddalen. The name Alnabru comes from the area around the Alna River and the old estate Alna Gård. This has also given its name to the borough (no. bydel) of Alna where the neighbourhood of Alnabru is located.

The neighbourhood is an industrial area best known for its goods terminal. This is Oslo's main terminal for the transport of produce, and is located on the Hovedbanen line which formerly ran to Alnabru Station. Alnabru is the stopping location for goods trains at Alna Station, and around 300 metres further along the Hovedbanen is the stopping place for passengers. The European route E6 also runds through the area, taking both trucks and cars.

Alnabru have one of oldest Sikh Church which was opened in 1983.