Alnus jorullensis

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Alnus jorullensis
Scientific classification
A. jorullensis
Binomial name
Alnus jorullensis

Alnus acuminata var. jorullensis (Kunth) Regel
Alnus jorullensis var. typica Regel
Alnus firmifolia Fernald

Alnus jorullensis (Mexican alder) is an evergreen or semi-evergreen alder, native to eastern and southern Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.[1][2] Although previously reported from the Andes,[3] further collections showed these to be the similar species Alnus acuminata, commonly found in South America.[2]

Alnus jorullensis is a medium-sized tree growing to 20–25 m tall. The leaves are obovate to elliptic, 5–12 cm long, somewhat leathery in texture with a serrated margin and glandular on the underside. The flowers are wind-pollinated catkins, produced in early spring.[4]

It is used for ornamental planting in warm temperate areas such as southern California.

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  2. Alnus jorullensis subsp. lutea Furlow - Mexico


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