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Aloha Browser
Developer(s)Aloha Mobile Ltd
Initial release10 July 2016; 3 years ago (2016-07-10)
Operating systemandroid, IOS
Size160.3 MB for IOS

Aloha Browser is a web browser developed by Aloha Mobile Ltd[1], based in Limassol, Cyprus. This browser has the ability to unblock any site through its built-in VPN service, which is unlimited free and can be activated with a single click[1].

Aloha browser is available for smartphones running Android and iOS[2], and there is also a light version called "Aloha Browser Lite" which can be work on smartphones with weak specifications.

Aloha Browser focuses on privacy and protecting users from tracking[1]. It does not collect any information about users and does not record browsing information[3].


Aloha is a word in the Hawaiian language that began to be used in English to signify goodbye and hello.[4] It is currently being used as an alternative to the word Hello.

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