Aloha Aina Party of Hawaii

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Aloha Aina Party
Chairperson Desmon Antone Haumea, Pua Ishibashi, Donald Kaulia
Assembly leader Honolulu Skylark, Public Information Director
Founded 1997
Headquarters Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii Citizens of all race and culture

Colors Red Flower Lei, Lehua Blossom

The Aloha Aina Party was legally registered with the State of Hawaii DCCA as Aloha Aina, LLC by its founding members, Desmon Antone Haumea, Pua Ishibashi and Donald Kauli'a.

The Ku'e Petition honoring those signatures and the descendent of James Kaulia and representation of all Hawaii Nei and all citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii are a major part of the fabric of the Aloha Aina Party. Sunday, January 3, 2016 was the official Aloha Aina Party Rally for petition signing and voter registration as the new Political Party in the State of Hawaii. State of Hawaii Elections Board requires 707 qualified registered voters to sign and complete the petition to qualify ballot status for Election year 2016. The primary office of the Aloha Aina Party is located in Hilo, Hawaii Island with satellite offices on each island; Maui, Oahu and Kauai.

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