Alois Jirásek

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Alois Jirásek
Jan Vilímek - Alois Jirásek.jpg
Portrait of Alois Jirásek by Jan Vilímek.
Born (1851-08-23)August 23, 1851
Hronov, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austrian Empire
Died March 12, 1930(1930-03-12) (aged 78)
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Resting place Hronov
Occupation Writer, politician
Nationality Czech
Genre Literary realism
Notable works Staré pověsti české
Mezi proudy
Proti všem
F. L. Věk

Alois Jirásek (Czech pronunciation: [ˈalojs ˈjɪraːsɛk]) (August 23, 1851, Hronov, Kingdom of Bohemia – March 12, 1930, Prague) was a Czech writer, author of historical novels and plays. Jirásek was a secondary-school teacher until his retirement in 1909. He wrote a series of historical novels imbued with faith in his nation and in progress toward freedom and justice. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1918, 1919, 1921 and 1930.[1]


Alois Jirásek was born on August 23, 1851, in Hronov (modern-day Czech Republic), in the Kingdom of Bohemia, which was at that time part of the Austrian Empire.[2] He was born in a family of small farmers and weavers of modest means.[2]


House where Alois Jirasek was born.



  • Jan Hus (1911)
  • Jan Žižka (1903)
  • Jan Roháč (1914)
  • Lantern (1905)
  • Vojnarka (1891)
  • Father (1895, Otec)


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