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Alojz Geržinič (1960s)

Alojz Geržinič (11 June 1915 – 26 March 2008) is a Slovenian composer. A native of Ljubljana, he lived and worked since 1948 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many of his compositions are for voice. He died in Buenos Aires in March 2008.

Composing opus[edit]

Vocal compositions[edit]

  • Villancico for mixed choir (1979)
  • Loški zvon for mixed choir
  • Ave Maria for women choir
  • Dona primavera for women choir
  • Rad bi še živel for women trio and bariton (1965).

Vocal-instrumental compositions[edit]

  • Una vieja historia for women trio and piano (1967)
  • Lo que vos querais, señor for women duo and piano (1979)
  • Dedek Samonog for vocal and piano (1975)
  • Poletna noč I for vocal and piano (1988)
  • Poletna noč II for vocal and piano (1988)

Instrumental solo compositions[edit]

  • Fantazija for piano (1967)

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