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Alok (Sanskrit: light, aura, enlightenment; Hindi & Nepali आलोक) is the given name of:

  • Alok Bhargava (born 1954), Indian-American econometrician
  • Alok R. Chaturvedi, Professor of Information Systems
  • Alok Dixit, journalist and social activist
  • Alok Jena (born 1948), Indian cricketer
  • Alok Kapali (born 1984), Bangladeshi cricketer
  • Alok Mehta, Indian Hindi journalist, editor-in-chief of National Dunia
  • Alok Kumar Mehta (born 1966), Indian politician, member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India
  • Alok Mukherjee (born c. 1945), Canadian human rights and equity facilitator
  • Alok Nath (born 1956), Indian film actor
  • Alok Nembang, Nepali singer and director
  • Alok Petrillo (born 1991), Brazilian DJ and music producer
  • Alok Sharma (born 1967), Indian-born British politician
  • Alok Tiwari (born 1979), CEO and Managing director of GC&P India. Prior to current role, he was leading Clivet an HVAC company as CEO.

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