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For Israeli inventor and entrepreneur, the founder of CyberArk Software Ltd., see Alon Nisim Cohen.
Alon Cohen

Alon Cohen (born in Israel, 1962) is the co-founder of VocalTec Inc.[1] (1989) and the co-inventor of the Audio Transceiver (U.S. Patent 5,825,771) that enabled the creation of Voice Over Networks products and eventually the VoIP industry, that changed the face of the telecommunication industry. Cohen holds 4 US patents on different communications technologies. He is currently Executive VP and CTO at


Cohen received an MBA and BSC.EE from Tel Aviv University, both Magna Cum Laude.


In 1989, Cohen and Lior Haramaty founded VocalTec Communications Inc. (1989), an Israeli hi-tech company recognized as the pioneer of the VoIP industry.[2] He is also the inventor of the Audio Transceiver (U.S. Patent 5,825,771) that enabled the creation of Voice Over Networks products and eventually the VoIP industry. Cohen holds 5 US patents on communications technologies. VocalTec is recognized as the first company to provide Internet voice technology worldwide,[citation needed] and in 1996 was one of the earliest Internet IPOs (NASDAQ: vocl).

After leaving VocalTec Cohen founded and managed a series of business ventures, including BitWine and RemoteAbility. He currently serves as Executive Vice President and CTO at

Cohen is a frequent speaker at top industry conferences, serves on technical advisory boards or as a mentor of several companies and is also an expert witness in VoIP patent litigation trials.

Cohen also has an active blog where he writes about technology and innovations.


The recipient of many awards and accolades for his innovative work including the “VoIP Visionary Award]” (2005) from Jeff Pulver's Pulvermedia and the VoIP Hall of Fame Award by TMCNET in 2015. Cohen was also named, by “The Marker”, the leading Israeli Business Newspaper, as one of the “100 Most Influential Israelis” in Israel’s High Technology history in September 2005[citation needed].

Cohen represented the State of Israel in the United Nations negotiations of the ITU Study Group 16 for the development and ratification of global VoIP standards.

Cohen also holds 5 US patents on different communications technologies and co authored more as part of VocalTec.


Cohen resides in New Jersey with his wife and two sons.


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