Alone I Play

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Alone I Play
Live album by Jonathan Davis and the SFA
Released November 10, 2007
Recorded November 7, 2007 at Woodshed Recorder, Malibu, California
Genre Experimental rock, acoustic
Length 71:24
Label Invisible Arts
Producer Richard Gibbs
Jonathan Davis and the SFA chronology
Queen of the Damned Soundtrack Album
(2002)Queen of the Damned Soundtrack Album2002
Alone I Play
Live at Union Chapel
(2011)Live at Union Chapel2011

Alone I Play is a special limited run DVD/CD combo set by Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis, which was released November 10, 2007 on Invisible Arts. The album was recorded and videotaped at Malibu's Woodshed Recorder on November 7, 2007, the day before Davis embarked on his first solo tour, the Alone I Play tour. Alone I Play was recorded and packaged in CD and DVD formats and prepared for sale in no longer than three days, where it is sold at venues where Davis performs (although a commercial release is planned). The album features songs originally composed by Davis and Gibbs for the 2002 film Queen of the Damned, as well as classic and uncommonly performed Korn songs. Despite the fact that this is a solo effort, three members of Korn's backup band appear on Alone I Play: keyboardist Zac Baird, guitarist Shane Gibson and percussionist Michael Jochum. The renowned and eclectic Indian violinist and composer L. Shankar, also known as Shenkar, also makes an appearance. The album's title is a pun on Korn's 2002 single "Alone I Break".


Limited edition[edit]

Most copies of the limited edition were sold on the Alone I Play Tour. However, the last six copies (often known as the super limited edition) were sold on eBay for charity.

The limited edition was the original release. It was quite different from the standard edition (a re-release that is being sold online for $25). It is quite rare, as only 1200 copies (including the six copies of the super-limited edition) were made. The CD content is the same as the re-release, but the packaging and DVD content is slightly different.

The front cover looks almost identical to that of the re-release, the only difference is that the limited edition does not have Jonathan Davis' name on the front cover. The back cover does not have the list of tour locations. There also isn't a barcode, because it was a tour release.

The inset of the case does not have a track list. Sometimes the page was signed by the band members. Included on the page is the copy number (for example: 1193/1200). The DVD included special material not found on the re-release.

Super-limited edition[edit]

While shipping the original 1200 copy run of Alone I Play, Invisible Arts was short one box. They originally thought that it was caused by a shipping error. However, they found out that an international piracy consortium had stolen the final box. Invisible Arts tracked down the culprits and recovered the package in downtown Los Angeles. The recovery resulted in the creation of the 6 super-limited editions sold on eBay. They were sold for a minimum of $260.

This package came with a copy of the limited edition of Alone I Play, signed by all members of the band.

Another item in this package was a glossy photo of Jonathan Davis' solo band.

The third and final item in the package was a bonus CD including three tracks. The first two tracks aren't available on the CD or DVD (Blue Monday and The Chauffeur). The third track was available on the DVD, but not the CD (Falling Away From Me). Some people think that Love on the Rocks is on the bonus CD, but it isn't known for sure.

A portion of these sales went to charity.

For those who couldn't make the tour, or afford the super-limited edition, the Alone I Play CD/DVD set was re-released as a standard edition that can be purchased on the Invisible Arts site.

Standard edition[edit]

After all 1200 copies of the limited edition were sold (including the six sold in the super-limited edition), Invisible Arts re-released Alone I Play as a standard edition.

The layout is rather different from the limited edition. Jonathan Davis's name was added to the front cover, and his name was absent from the limited edition cover.

The back cover of the standard edition has the list of places where Jonathan Davis performed. There is also a barcode in the lower right-hand corner.

The inside of the case has a green inset, unlike the red inset the limited edition had. The inside panel that was blank on the limited edition has a track list on the standard edition. There were a few mistakes with the credits page on the limited edition, the standard edition had the errors fixed.

The CD is identical to the one on the limited edition. The DVD does not have the interviews with Richard Gibbs that the limited edition had.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "System" – 4:52
  2. "Last Legal Drug (Le Petit Mort)" – 5:15
  3. "4 U" – 2:48
    • Korn Cover
  4. "Hey Daddy" – 3:52
    • Korn Cover
  5. "Forsaken" – 3:42
    • Queen of the Damned
  6. "Dirty" – 3:55
    • Korn Cover
  7. "Alone I Break" 4:20
    • Korn Cover
  8. "Slept So Long" – 5:38
    • Queen of the Damned
  9. "Hushabye" – 4:35
    • Korn Cover
  10. "Kick the P.A." – 2:31
  11. "Not Meant for Me" – 4:41
    • Queen of the Damned
  12. "Hold On" – 3:05
    • Korn Cover
  13. "Careless (Akasha's Lament)" – 4:46
  14. "Redeemer" – 4:16
    • Queen of the Damned
  15. "Got the Life" – 3:43
    • Korn Cover
  16. "Trash" – 3:37
    • Korn Cover
  17. "Falling Away From Me – 4:00
    • Korn Cover
    • DVD Only
  18. "Tearjerker" – 5:38
    • Korn Cover
    • Track 17 on CD

DVD bonus features[edit]

  • Interview with Jonathan Davis
  • Interview with Richard Gibbs (only on the limited edition)

Super limited edition bonus CD[edit]

  1. "Blue Monday" – 4:48
  2. "The Chauffeur" 4:51
  3. "Falling Away From Me" – 4:00
    • Korn cover
  4. "Love on the Rocks" – 3:43

Alone I Play Tour[edit]

USA set list[edit]

  1. "System"
  2. "Last Legal Drug"
  3. "4 U"
  4. "Hey Daddy"
  5. "Forsaken"
  6. "Dirty"
  7. "Alone I Break"
  8. "Slept So Long"
  9. "Love on the Rocks"
  10. "Hushabye"
  11. "Kick the P.A."
  12. "Shane Gibson v.s. Miles Mosley"
  13. "Not Meant For Me"
  14. "Hold On"
  15. "Blue Monday"
  16. "Queen of the Damned Score Medley"
  17. "Careless"
  18. "Redeemer"
  19. "Got the Life"
  20. "Trash"
  21. "Falling Away From Me"
  22. "The Chauffeur"