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Hebrew transcription(s)
 • official Allonim
Alonim's water tower.
Alonim's water tower.
Alonim is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°43′11.27″N 35°8′38.39″E / 32.7197972°N 35.1439972°E / 32.7197972; 35.1439972Coordinates: 32°43′11.27″N 35°8′38.39″E / 32.7197972°N 35.1439972°E / 32.7197972; 35.1439972
District Northern
Council Jezreel Valley
Region Galilee
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded June 26, 1938
Population (2013) 477[1]

Alonim (Hebrew: אַלּוֹנִים, lit. Oaks) is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located in the Lower Galilee, it falls under the jurisdiction of Jezreel Valley Regional Council. In 1947 Alonim had a population of over 450. In 2013 it had a population of 477.[1]

The kibbutz was established on June 26, 1938 as part of the tower and stockade settlement campaign. The settlers were the first graduates of Youth Aliyah.

During the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine, Alonim was frequently attacked and three of its members were killed. It began as an orchard and dairy farm, and manufactured flutes, which were highly popular with Israeli children. Alonim has become a popular name in Jewish camping.[2] There Is a Camp Alonim in Simi Valley, California, and the name Alonim is the name of the oldest age group at Camp Ramah in Canada.


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