Aloo mutter

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Aloo mutter
Aloo Mattar.jpg
Aloo Mutter cooked in a kadai
Course Main
Place of origin India
Region or state Punjab, Indian subcontinent
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Potatoes and peas
Variations Also served dry without gravy
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Aloo mutter (also spelled aloo mattar or aloo matar) is a Punjabi dish from the Indian subcontinent which is made from potatoes (Aloo) and peas (matter) in a spiced creamy tomato based sauce.[1][2] It is a vegetarian dish.[3] The sauce is generally cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, cumin seeds and other spices.[4]

Aloo mutter is also available commercially in ready-to-eat packets, manufactured by companies like Tasty Bite, which need to be heated and served.[5] It is also used as a filling in some variations of Dosa.[6]

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