Alp Grüm (Rhaetian Railway station)

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Alp Grüm
2011-08-02 13-53-59 Switzerland Alp Grüm.jpg
Alp Grüm station yard.
Location 7710 Alp Grüm
Poschiavo, Bernina, Graubünden
Coordinates 46°22′29″N 10°01′52″E / 46.37472°N 10.03111°E / 46.37472; 10.03111Coordinates: 46°22′29″N 10°01′52″E / 46.37472°N 10.03111°E / 46.37472; 10.03111
Elevation 2,091 m
Owned by Rhaetian Railway
Operated by Rhaetian Railway
Line(s) Bernina Railway
Distance 27.086 km from St. Moritz
Opened 5 July 1910 (1910-07-05)
Route map
KARTE rhb.png
Alp Grüm forms part of the RhB network
Alp Grüm is located in Switzerland
Alp Grüm
Alp Grüm
Location within Switzerland

Alp Grüm railway station is situated on the Bernina Railway, between Pontresina, in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland, and Tirano, in the Province of Sondrio, Italy.


Located on the south side of Bernina Pass, Alp Grüm is the last station on the line in the Romansh speaking part of Switzerland. It serves the hamlet of Alp Grüm, which, except in summer, is accessible only from the railway. The section of line between Ospizio Bernina and Poschiavo, on which the station is located, was opened on 5 June 1910 by the Bernina Railway Company.

Alp Grüm station from above

During construction of the Bernina Railway, Alp Grüm was created as a crossing loop. The current station building, together with its buffet and hotel, was opened in 1926.

From the station, thanks mainly to the 180° curve immediately to the south, there are far-reaching views of the Palü Glacier, Lago Palu and the Puschlav. From Alp Grüm the Bernina Railway snakes down around tight curves and spiral tunnels with a gradient of up to 7% into Puschlav, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

Hourly services operate on this line.

Rhaetian Railway services[edit]

  • R5 - 1tph
Preceding station   Rhatische Bahn   Following station
toward St. Moritz
toward Tirano



An ABe 8/12 hauled train from Tirano about to enter the station.
Alp Grüm station viewed from a train.
Alp Grüm station platforms.

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