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The Alpenfest is an annual celebration in Gaylord, Michigan. For over 40 years the Alpenfest has been a tradition for the townspeople and its visitors. It is held the third week of July.

The history of the Alpenfest[edit]

In the 1960s Gaylord's image transitioned into an Alpine look. This was because there was a new particle board plant opening in Otsego County and Gaylord is located in the heart of it. They changed the town to an Alpine look, in respect to the Founder of the company. Fred Fahmi, who happened to be a Swiss businessman. The opening of the new plant meant a lot of new jobs, which was a big deal and something worth celebrating. In 1964 a committee was formed to set up an event to honor the opening of the new plant as well as the newly designed downtown Gaylord. The original event was called The Alpine Festival. It is now shortened to Alpenfest but is still celebrated as one of Gaylord's biggest events each summer.


The 2012 Alpenfest will be held from July 17 – 21, 2012. Festivities will include arts and crafts on display and for sale, parades, concerts and stage shows, and tasty traditional foods. Kid's games, also amusement rides and family entertainment are always a reason for people to stop downtown and partake in some of the fun. The main event is the Burning of the Boogg. It is a symbolical ceremony where a wool statue is lit in flames to celebrate spring. Contests such as a yodeling contest, swiss stone spitting contest, franc flipping contest and a beauty pageant.

Queen's Pageant[edit]

Year Name
1965 Connie (Wolf) Eiland
1966 Sally (Drinkert) Glasser 
1967 Sandy (Heska) King
1968 Linda (Berquist) Slaggert
1969 Barbara Wolf
1970 Elizabeth (Halter) O'Brien 
1971 Lori (Stehman) Creedle
1972 Gayle (Wegmeyer) Barker 
1973 Leonora Walchak
1974 Jean (Snook) Thomas 
1975 Kris (Church) Emqus
1976 Julie (Bowers) Dasinger
1977 Deni (Kujat) Mahlmeister 
1978 Marlene (Polus) Bailey
1979 Cheryl (Nephew) Jaquiss
1980 Kellie (Johnson) Puroll
1981 Carole (Coon) Ullrich 
1982 Pam (Johnson) Morgridge
1983 Kimberlee Broome
1984 Sandy (Grisso) Tagawa 
1985 Laurie (Borowiak) Zaremba
1986 Catherine Potter
1987 Diana Petoskey
1988 Jeanne Fedorowicz
1989 Tammy (Klee) Bush
1990 Rochelle Mitchell 
1991 Gigi (Lochinski) Mitias
1992, 1993 Betsy (Gilmore) Neph
1994 Erin (Murphy) Whipple
1995, 1996 Carrie (Clark) Sharpe 
1997 Linda (Slivinski) Weiss
1998 Cimberly Hickerson
1999 Melissa (Wishart) Olds
2000 Molly Gapinski
2001 Christina Wishart
2002 Jennifer (Fain) Murphey 
2003 Diana Scott 
2004 Sarah (Smith) Inendino 
2005 Cassandra Cope
2006 Terra Noirot
2007 Sam Dunn
2008 Leah Rolinski
2009 Heather Knouse
2010 Rachel Bartow-Freeman 
2011 Stephanie LaRouche
2012 Shannon O'Connor 
2013 Analiese Puzon
2014 Lauren Olivia Bushong
2015 Courtney Hough
2016 Kelly Furget

Burning of the Böögg history[edit]

In Zürich, Switzerland they create a snowman out of wood and fill the head with fireworks. In April they light the snowman on fire. People in Zurich say, "the faster the head explodes, the warmer or better summer will be." In Zurich, the burning of the Böögg is to be the transition from winter to spring. In Gaylord however, they inherited the tradition from Switzerland, but changed the meaning to better suit Gaylord. In Gaylord, their snowmen are made of cotton wool, and instead of it being the transition of seasons, people write their worries and problems down on a piece of paper and they place the paper inside the snowman. After that they light the snowman on fire and all worries and problems are supposed to disappear with the snowman.

Other attractions in Gaylord[edit]

Gaylord has many other attractions that should be interesting such as Elk Park. At Elk Park, visitors can watch the deer and elk in their natural habitat,and they could feed them.


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