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Alper Kaya
Alper kaya.jpg
Born (1990-01-06) 6 January 1990 (age 29)
Ankara, Turkey
Period2011 – present
Notable works
  • 08.00
  • Valiz
  • Kaçak
  • Yüzüncü Haber
  • Tanrı Misafiri
  • Bütün Kuralları Yık!
Notable awards'Sport Article of the Year' - Journalists' Union of Turkey / 2010

Alper Kaya was born in 1990 in Ankara. He loved Ankara even he had never lived there. He wrote sports articles for BirGün and SoL. He is currently writing soccer articles on saturdays for Evrensel. In 2010, he was awarded with "Praise Award of Sports Column of the Year" by the Journalists Society of Turkey. Six of his books were published and also took place in seven anthologies with his works. [1]

Early life[edit]

Kaya was born in Ankara, in 1990. He lived in Zonguldak, Istanbul and Izmir. He graduated from the Institute of Media and Communication at the University of Anatolia. He works as a social media consultant for some companies. He was study in University of Istanbul when his first novel 08.00' was published.


Alper Kaya started writing regularly in 2007. His some articles published on local newspapers. After he won a university and moved Istanbul, his articles published on a national newspaper BirGun. Also, one of this articles' won a high prestige prize from Journalists' Union on Turkey. He is the youngest journalist who have this prize.

Kaya's first novel 08.00 published in 2011. This novel has a psychological thriller theme. His second novel Valiz which published on 2014 is a rare novel about Korean War and Extraction of Cyprus in Turkey.

His crime novel series "Komiser Tahsin" (named from the series's detective) had its first novel published in 2014 which name was Kaçak. Series's second novel Yüzüncü Haber was published on 2015 and third one Tanrı Misafiri was published on 2016. His sixth novel Bütün Kuralları Yık! was published 2017.

Also, took place in seven anthologies with his works.

He is a sport writer on Evrensel and his stories publish many websites on Turkey.


  • 08:00 / Postiga (2011), ISBN 978-6055711511
  • Valiz / Ozan (2014), ISBN 978-6054723539
  • Kaçak: Komiser Tahsin #1 / Kent (2014), ISBN 978-9944915656
  • Yüzüncü Haber: Komiser Tahsin #2 / Kent (2015), ISBN 978-9944915731
  • Tanrı Misafiri: Komiser Tahsin #3 / Kent (2016), ISBN 978-9944915854
  • Bütün Kuralları Yık / Oğlak (2017), ISBN 978-9753299329


  • Tuhaf Alışkanlıklar Kitabı
  • Öyküden Çıktım Yola
  • Aşkın Karanlık Yüzü
  • Pati Öyküleri
  • Sadık Dostlara
  • Kısa Film Öyküleri
  • Karanlık Yılbaşı Öyküleri


Sports Article of the Year[edit]

On 4 March 2011, the Journalists' Union announced that Alper Kaya had been awarded the 2010 Sports Article of the Year.

Kaya held his prize on 28 March 2011 at Sabancı Center, Istanbul. This prize made him a youngest journalist who have awarded from Journalists' Union of Turkey.[2]


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