Alpha, Ohio

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Coordinates: 39°42′42″N 84°01′24″W / 39.71167°N 84.02333°W / 39.71167; -84.02333

Location of Alpha, Ohio

Alpha is a neighborhood of Beavercreek, in Greene County, Ohio, in the United States. It is located on the eastern side of the Dayton metropolitan area. A post office is located in Alpha, with the ZIP code of 45301.[1]

A post office called Alpha has been in operation since 1850.[2] The community is one of the oldest in the area.[3] Alpha was named for the first letter of the Greek alphabet because it was at, or on the site of, the first mill in the county.[4]

It was the location of a railway station stop, of a railway that has been shut down and turned into a bike path.[5]


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