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Norman Ritter, also known as Alpha Boy and from Berlin, Germany, a musician known for German electronic music.

He began his music career in 1999 under the name Xibalba. Using a PlayStation and the composing software Music 2000. Inspired by his mentors like Harold Faltermeyer, Jan-Friedrich Conrad, Marco Castagna and Arthur Barrow he found at long last his way in 2004 to the original sound and spirit of the 1980s. Since 2008, Alpha Boy produced professional scores and soundtracks for different movies (Unsere Ex-Frau, Η Κούκλα!), TV shows (Red Oaks, Süper Tiger EM-Studio Plüs, Retro Blah) and videogames (ACE, Threaded, Pipetris, Knight Rider - The Fan Game). More than 50 music releases (album, EP and single) in the past years are the result of the workup of his musical influence from his childhood.

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