Alpha Centurion

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Alpha Centurion
Alpha centurion.jpg
Cover of Adventures of Superman #527.
Art by Stuart Immonen.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #3
(September 1994)
Created by Karl Kesel (writer)
In-story information
Alter ego Marcus Aelius
Abilities Advanced alien armor
Superhuman strength
Energy sword and shield

Alpha Centurion is the name of two fictional superheroes published by DC Comics. Created by Karl Kesel, the character first appeared in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #3 (September 1994). The current incarnation of the character debuted in Adventures of Superman #527 (September, 1995).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Alpha Centurion A[edit]

During the Zero Hour storyline, Superman was transported to an alternate timeline where he stumbled upon a Metropolis whose hero was the Alpha Centurion,[1] a man named Marcus Aelius from Ancient Rome who had been abducted by an alien race called the Virimiru only to return centuries later. The Alpha Centurion went on to fight Extant and Parallax alongside the heroes of the DC Universe in a battle to save time itself. Having to restart existence with a new Big Bang, all alternate realities ceased to exist and this Alpha Centurion was no more.

At some point, the character is slated to return (see new rendering above) to the Superman books as an antagonist to Superman.[citation needed]

Alpha Centurion B[edit]

Some time later, the Alpha Centurion of our timeline showed up. He too was Marcus Aelius and, like his counterpart had done before him, began operating out of Metropolis. There was initially some tension between Superman and him because in the alternate timeline, Lois Lane "folded his togas" to use her words. Marcus was very attracted to her, but she did not reciprocate (although he did turn up for her wedding). With Lex Luthor in hiding and the Contessa Erica del Portenza in charge of Lexcorp, AC was put in charge of Team Luthor, which he remodeled after himself. When Superman was put on trial in front of an alien tribunal, the Centurion, upon realizing he still was not suited to be the only hero in Metropolis, recruited Superboy, Supergirl, the Eradicator, and Steel to rescue him. He had a brief falling out with the others, since they mistakenly believed for a time that he was the Cyborg Superman in disguise. After arriving back on Earth, he was publicly embarrassed by Lex Luthor and quit Team Luthor before leaving Metropolis. He aided Earth's heroes in attempting to stop the Sun-Eater from consuming our Sol during the "Final Night" cross-over.[2] He was last seen in Washington D.C.[3]

Aelius' origin would be expanded upon where we learn the Virmiru would come to a world and exchange a champion of the world with one of their race with the ultimate goal of conquering that world. This measure would be taken where the residents of a planet would observe the act as a sign of friendship while the alien that remains gains trust and ascertains weaknesses. After the champion is returned, the planet would become ripe for conquest and the Virmiru would be able to sweep across without much effort. For Aelius, he celebrated a victory he led for the Roman legion under Emperor Hadrian when the Virmiru would appear. They proposed their offer and a global contest was held until Aelius emerged as Earth's greatest warrior. He would go to the Virmiru homeworld where he trained beside many other alien races in many fields including using the power suit employed by their hosts. All the while, the Virmiru Foris Ab Talimen remained on Earth for 2,000 years awaiting the return of Aelius (though, only ten years would pass for the champion). When his training was completed, the Virmiru gave Aelius the space ship Pax Romana he would use to return to his planet. After some time acting as a superhero in Washington, the Virmiru Interstellar Affairs Councilor Bellator contacted Aelius and told him Foris had gone rogue. When confronted, Foris told Alpha Centurion the truth about his race and the pair went to battle Bellator. Though perishing in the battle, Bellator admitted the Virmiru's objectives and revealed the invasion forthcoming.[4]

Powers and abilities[edit]

  • Marcus was a normal human who had been taken by aliens into space. He was granted access to incredible knowledge and advanced technology.
  • In addition to his spacecraft the Pax Romana, Marcus' advanced suit of alien armor allows him to fly, grants him superhuman strength and speed, and allows him to generate an energy blade, similar to a lightsaber, and an energy shield.

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