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Alpha Delphini (α Del, α Delphini) is a multiple star in the constellation Delphinus. It also has the name Sualocin, which was given to it as a practical joke by the astronomer Niccolò Cacciatore; the name is the Latinized version (Nicolaus) of his given name, spelled backwards.

In Chinese, 瓠瓜 (Hù Guā), meaning Good Gourd, refers to an asterism consisting of α Delphini, γ2 Delphini, δ Delphini, β Delphini and ζ Delphini.[1] Consequently, α Delphini itself is known as 瓠瓜一 (Hù Guā yī, English: the First Star of Good Gourd.).[2]


Alpha Delphini has seven components: A and G, a physical binary, and B, C, D, E, and F, which are optical binaries and have no physical association with A and G.

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