Alpha Five (database)

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Alpha Five
Developer(s) Alpha Software
Stable release
Alpha Anywhere v12 / 25 June 2013; 3 years ago (2013-06-25)
Development status Active
Operating system Windows
License Proprietary

Alpha Five is a relational database management system and rapid application development platform (RAD) for building desktop, web (including AJAX) and cross platform mobile applications. Alpha Five is no longer available as Alpha Software has migrated to a subsciption based model called Alpha Anywhere that also allows for mobile computing.


Alpha Five is developed by Alpha Software, Inc., which has been continually producing end-user and developer database application software since 1982.[1][2]

Alpha Five V7 was the winner of the 2005 Product of the Year award for "Best Database" from[3] In 2010 Alpha Five was reviewed along with four other similar web development systems by InfoWorld, who explained that such tools confer a "speed boost to development with features such as WYSIWYG prototyping environments, loads of prebuilt graphical components, and easy deployment."[4]

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