Alpha Gamma Omega

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Alpha Gamma Omega
The Crest of Alpha Gamma Omega
Founded February 15, 1927 (1927-02-15) (88 years ago)
University of California, Los Angeles
Type Social
Emphasis Christian
Scope National
Motto "Fraternity for Eternity."[1]


Flower Easter Lily
Chapters 19, 12 Active
Verse "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."
2 Timothy 2:15[1]
Headquarters 28000 Meadow Drive Suite 104
Evergreen, CO, USA

Alpha Gamma Omega (ΑΓΩ) (or "AGO") is a national, Christ-centered fraternity. It was founded in 1927 at UCLA, making it one of the oldest national fraternities in the United States that has retained its Christian values. There were 12 original charter members, with E. Harlan Fischer appointed as the first president.[2] There are currently twelve active chapters. AGO maintains a close relationship with its Christian sorority counterpart, Alpha Delta Chi, considered the fraternity's "sister sorority."


The preamble to the fraternity's constitution is as follows:

Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we, as Christian young men of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, purpose that it shall be the aim of this fraternity:

  • To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,
  • To promote Christian Fellowship,
  • To present Christian ideals in word and deed,
  • To search reverently for the Truth,
  • To uphold the traditions and ideals of the university,
  • And to deepen the spiritual lives of the members.[3]

Significance of the letters[edit]

Alpha Omega, the first name chosen by the Fraternity, referenced the Book of Revelation: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending..."

However, it was later found that there was an organization in existence which had the same name. Therefore, the letter "Gamma" was added because it corresponded to "C" in the Latin alphabet, the initial of Christ.[2]

Fraternity-wide events[edit]

  • Founders' Day – Scheduled annually on the last Saturday of February, the active and alumni members come together to celebrate the founding of the fraternity. Starting in 2011, the event was changed to a family picnic to encourage more participation from alumni.
  • All-AGO Pismo Beach Flag Football Tournament – Every October, the Kappa chapter hosts the various chapters as they compete on the Pismo-Oceano Dunes against one another in 7 on 7 flag football for bragging rights and the trophy, followed by an evening of dinner with worship and a devotional in San Luis Obispo
  • Prayer at Noon
  • Monday Night Meetings
  • Annual alumni camping trip to Yosemite
  • Mission trip to the San Carlos Apache reservation in AZ

Membership requirements[edit]

Pledges may become active members of an AGO chapter at the invitation of the current active members. To become eligible for activation, pledges must complete a pledge program, slightly unique to each chapter but governed by the National Executive Committee.

During the pledge semester, pledges take part in activities designed to promote brotherhood among themselves. During this time, pledges are required to learn the traditions of the fraternity and the university. Additionally, this is a time for the potential new members to become acquainted with the active body and alumni. One unique requirement of the Alpha Gamma Omega pledgeship is the interview process. Every pledge must interview with every active, so that they may learn each other's struggles and journey towards Christ. Other pledge requirements include maintain a scholastic 'C' average, memorizing AGO knowledge, and wearing a pin at all times.

Individual chapters may have slightly differing traditions for their pledges. For example, a long held tradition in the Beta chapter at UC Berkeley is the "Pledge Sneak" event, in which instead of attending the Monday night dinner, the pledges sneak the president of the chapter away for the Monday. The active body try to find the president by following clues laid out by the pledges, which lead to a specific restaurant and time where the president is being held by the pledges. Other chapters have similar traditions, but with some distinctive variations.


The men of AGO – Beta Chapter

Notable alumni[edit]

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