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Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity
Alpha Kappa Rho.png
Founded 1973
University of Santo Tomas
Type Humanitarian Service
Scope International
Motto Vincit Omnia Veritas
Chapters International
 Saudi Arabia
 Hong Kong
 United Kingdom
 South Korea

The Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity and Sorority (AKRHO) is a fraternity established in the Philippines in 1973.[1] The fraternity made up of men and women from different universities was established to promote loyalty, unity and pride in the fraternity amongst its members. However it is now registered as an International Humanitarian Service Fraternity that encourages members to be involved in humanitarian projects and various service to people wherever it exists.[2][3]

The fraternity is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines) as a non-profit and non-dividend Corporation with the name of Alpha Kappa Rho International Humanitarian Service Fraternity and Sorority Inc.[4] It was founded in the Philippines, and operated in several other countries like United States, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait, Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Thailand.[5]


The Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity and Sorority was founded on August 8, 1973 by sixteen college students of the University of Santo Tomas (UST). Except for the leader and elder of the group, Jose "Boy" Chua, who was enrolled at the UST College of Medicine, the 15 other founders of Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity were enrolled at the UST College of Commerce.[6] The Alpha Kappa Rho founders are:[6] 1. Jose "Boy" Chua 2. Teddy De Lara 3. Edwin Solano 4. Tanny Bernabe 5. Obet Posadas 6. Arnel Lorenzo 7. James Bracewell 8. Renato Go 9. Philip Balangue 10. Roger Sarmiento 11. Ted Aves 12. Monchet Cabrera 13. Philip Diman 14. Gil Villegas 15. Mark Queyquep 16. Noli Manalo The Alpha Kappa Rho Sorority began in 1975 and the Sorority Founders are:[6][7] 1. Girlie Tesoro 2. Joyce Gregorio 3. Alda Altiveros Bernabe 4. Marisa Cumuyog 5. JJ Aquino (Deceased) 6. Irene Ileto

The fraternity was founded on August 8 because it coincided with the Feast Day of St. Dominic, which is a university holiday at UST, which is run by the Dominican Order or also known as the Order of Preachers (OP).

Initiation rites[edit]

The fraternity after it was established in 1973 became notorious in the Philippines because of the initiation rites members had to undergo to join it.[8] Those who wanted to join the fraternity had to undergo interviews and orientations followed by a period when the aspiring member is asked to do humiliating acts in public. This is followed by an initiation rite where the aspirant is blindfolded and receives blows in the back of the thigh with the use of a wood paddle. Those who are unable to bear the pain are given an option to resume on another day or can choose to quit. If the aspirant is able to complete the initiation rite, the aspirant undergoes the final rite of initiation known as the ritual where a heated coin is placed at the back of the aspirant's right wrist leaving a circular scar as a sign of full membership to the fraternity.[9] However, with the introduction of the Anti-Hazing Law by the Philippine Government in 1995, the fraternity initiation rites are no longer sanctioned or approved by the fraternity leadership.


Its motto "Vincit Omnia Veritas" meaning "Truth Conquers All" or "Truth Prevails" comes from the emblem of the University of Santo Tomas where the Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity & Sorority was founded.[10] Members are called "Skeptrons" a Greek word for the "ceremonial staff" or sceptre carried by a monarch as a symbol of sovereignty.[11]


The Alpha Kappa Rho Fraternity merged with the Omega Fraternity & Sorority International (OFSI) of San Sebastian College (SSC) and Zeta Upsilon Fraternity of the University of the East Recto campus (UE-Recto) in 1976. The ritual (burn mark which is a circular scar from a heated coin applied to the back of the member's right wrist) and the hand sign of AKRHO began at OFSI but became part of AKRHO after the merger agreement between AKRHO and OFSI. From 1976, the new RITUAL was required for all new members and the hand sign was to recognise AKRHO members.[6]


5 of the 16 founders of Alpha Kappa Rho were alumni of Notre Dame of Greater Manila High School (NDM HS). Except for the leader and elder of the fraternity, Jose "Boy" Chua who graduated in 1972, the others belonged to NDM HS graduating batch of 1973. A number of other NDM 1973 graduates would also later join AKRHO.[12]

Junior AKRHO[edit]

In August 1975, AKRHO grew in numbers with the acceptance of high school students from the University of the East Recto campus (UE-Recto) into the fraternity. The first Junior AKRHO was headed by Jun "Labo" Pasaporte, Rey Quitariano (another NDM alumni) and Noriel Arcadio. They began the Junior AKRHO in the High School of UE-Recto, and at the Far Eastern University (FEU), Jose Rizal College High School (JRC), Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA) and National College of Business and Arts (NCBA).[13]

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